Monday, March 28, 2011

This Firefox Extension for Salesforce is Fractastical!

Congratulations to fractastical for winning the "Beat Jeff Douglas" challenge! This is fractastical's second win and it puts him at the top of the leaderboard!

Note: You can install the plugin here.

A little background on the challenge. So about six months ago I wrote the Utility Belt, a Google Chrome extension with all kinds of nifty tools, links and shortcuts for development on the platform (you can find more details on the extension here). Frequently I would get an email asking when it would be available for Firefox as Google Chrome wasn't officially supported for at the time. I had never done a Firefox extension nor did I have the time but it was a great request.

When we started CloudSpokes, Narinder thought this would be a great challenge and named it "Beat Jeff Douglas". Yes... there were many jokes such as "is this a literal or figurative challenge?" Fortunately, fractastical was able to easily beat me. His Firefox plugin looks great and has functionality that surpasses my Chrome extension.

Here are some comments from fractastical's documentation:

The following modifications have been made to the original Utility Belt by Jeff Douglas:
  1. Convenient jQuery-powered autocomplete allows user to type in query and have the result load in iframe
  2. Added basic error handling for ID Converter. Most invalid Ids now give an error
  3. Changed HTML to conform to strict standards (e.g. closed <input /> instead of <input> )
  4. Changed various elements to conform to standard javascript usage (some things were Chrome specific)
  5. Moved javascript and css to separate files
  6. Numerous other minor modifications to get thing working in Firefox correctly
  7. Added to git repository (will place on github as soon as challenge is complete)
  8. Added close and navigation buttons so that the position of the window is not fixed
  9. Added myself to the credits
It has been tested in Firefox 3.6.x and Firefox 4 beta. There are no known bugs at this time. Enjoy!


  1. I still think an extra award should be he gets to literally beat jeff douglas :-) Nice job fractastical !

  2. When would we be able to install it for use? :)

  3. Congrats Joel ! Is this extension uploaded on Firefox add-on store ?

  4. You can install the plug here:

  5. Link to add-on is dead; can you provide an updated link?