Friday, April 8, 2011

$15,000 CloudSpokes Animated Promo Video Contest

In addition to your #superfrickinawesome hacker skills, do you also possess the ability to craft visually appealing, enticing and (dare I say) sexy promo videos? If you are up to the challenge, head on over to our Tongal contest where we will be doing just that to promote CloudSpokes!

Our contest is to create a 60-second promotional animation to introduce developers to CloudSpokes, demonstrate the benefits of competing in challenges and show how easy it is to build a profile and compete.

The contest will consist of a "pitch" phase and a "video" phase with the top 3 winners taking home the cash. So invite your friends, family, co-workers or anyone you know that can draw a circle to head on over to our Tongal contest and start pitching away.

Disclaimer: Even though this contest is "all that" we will not be giving away bags of chips.

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