Monday, April 25, 2011

Be Cool... Build an iPad App for

All of the "cool kids" are building mobile apps nowadays. You know you want to as well. Admit it. Our iPad Account Checkin App for challenge gives you an excuse to spend a little time playing with the Toolkit for iOS as well as earning a little spending cash at the same time. Just tell your wife or girlfriend, "Honey... I'd love to go shopping with you at Pier 1 Imports... but this is for work."

To help you get started, Quinton Wall has a great tutorial entitled, Getting Started with the Toolkit for iOS with everything you need to look cool as you hang out at the virtual "water cooler".

Quinton is even hosting a webinar, Developing Mobile Apps for the iPhone and iPad, on Wednesday, April 27th if you need more help. Sign up for the webinar today and then start building our simple sample iPad app for some cash!

The challenge ends in a couple of weeks but get started now! Click here to get registered in our iPad Account Checkin App for challenge. It's gonna be rad!

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