Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Generic Related List Visualforce Component Winner!

Talk about a tight competition! Both knthornt and TehNrd submitted great code for our Generic Related List Visualforce Component challenge. They both met the requirements but in the end TehNrd slightly edged out knthornt to take 1st place. Even though Knthornt's stored his setting in Custom Settings and submitted a video of his entry, TehNrd delivered a un-managed package (makes testing easy!) with a Visualforce component chocked full of features. In the end the features made the difference. TehNrd and knthornt take home $750 and $350, respectively. Congrats to both for great work!

Here is a short video of TehNrd's winning submission.

Knthornt included his own video describing his submission and it turned out to be much better than anything than anything I could have do.

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Click here for full screen of this video


  1. Is this going to be open source?

  2. When you click the new button on one of these related lists you lose the auto-population of the parent lookup field on new child records edit page.