Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Google Reminder Bot Reminds You To Be #Awesome!

Have you ever forgotten something really important like to deploy some wicked ruby code to production or buy a 10 year wedding anniversary card for your wife (guilty!) or feed your fish? Well then fret no longer my friend! In the spirit of infomercial king Billy Mays, "Friends you need the MyReminderBot from romin."

Our Google Chat Bot Reminder challenge was a huge success and we've awarded money to the top 3 winners:

  1. romin - $1000
  2. vrrathod - $500
  3. sindujaramaraj - $250

Romin's MyReminderBot is very easy to use. You simply invite it to chat in Google Talk (or from any Jabber client) and then tell it to remind you in a specific period of time with at message. For instance, if you want MyReminderBot to remind you in 5 minutes to make a phone call you tell it:

5m Call boss and ask for $1M raise

MyReminderBot will dutifully remind you in 5 minutes to make a quick call to your boss. Romin did a great job with the bot and went beyond the requirements. He added a help command to return the available commands, a list command to return your active reminders, a remove command to delete a specific reminder and an about command. All in all, a very useful tool and I've already started using it.

There's even an accompanying website for the bot so that it's easy for everyone to use:

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