Friday, April 22, 2011

Superfell Builds Super Android Admin App!

We had a couple of submissions for our Android Admin Application challenge but superfell's app really stole the show. It was "super" to say the least. He was able to meet all of the requirements in the challenge plus some additional bells and whistles. The Android app blew the iPhone version away.

Per superfell's docs, "The screen on the left shows details on the user, including their chatter profile photo, if they have one. You can tap any of the links in the contact section to send an email, call, or SMS the user. The action section at the bottom allows you to do a Reset Password operation, toggle the Is Active state, or start the clone user screen."

Check out the video below for a full demo. The challenge paid superfell $1,500 for his efforts. Congrats for a "super" job well done!

Feature Summary

  • OAuth login to both production & sandbox instances. No need to login when returning to the app later.
  • View recently accessed user records or search for users by name, works efficiently even for organizations with thousands of users.
  • View user details including their profile photo (requires Android 2.2+) title, username and contact info.
  • Contact the user via email/phone/SMS.
  • Perform a password reset.
  • Toggle the Active flag of the user.
  • Clone the user into a new user, setting the new usename, name and email address.


  1. That looks fantastic! When & where can we get a hold of it, try it out, and fork it?

  2. Really nice. Even my hands are itchy to work on its fork.

  3. We will be releasing it, just working on the right license