Tuesday, May 17, 2011

5 Twilio SMS for Force.com Winners! W00t!

Our Twilio SMS for Force.com challenge was a great success with 13 registrants and 5 winning code submissions. Unfortunately, with success comes the actual judging of the submission which is a time consuming process. Fortunately, most contestants submitted unmanaged packages (thank you!) and videos detailing their entries.

All of the winners met the challenge requirements (for the most part) but a few bells and whistles made the difference. Developers stored the Twilio account configuration in either a custom object or custom settings and they used a Force.com Sites page to listen for messages from Twilio.

We are awarding $1500 for first place and $500 each for both second place finishers.

Fourth Place - Techtrekker's entry met all of the requirements but he was hindered by the fact that he couldn't actually use Twilio since he is located in the UK. He mocked up the Twilio returns to make the most of his app. Great effort with tools available to him.

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Third Place - Kenji776 had the best looking app of the bunch. It looks very slick and could easily be converted to a successful managed app for the AppExchange. The only problem was that the judges couldn't get the opt-out functionality to work using the Twilio test account. Kenji776 also stores the geo location info from each received message, included a workflow rule that informs the contact of a name change and makes debugging easy by writing to an error log object.

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Second Place - Both chriswoolcott and clintslee tied for second. They both had great submissions with detailed instructions, setup guide and commented code. Clintslee's submission worked for both Contacts and Leads and also included a setting to append the Twilio sandbox pin to outgoing messages.

Clintslee's video below is a little hard to view so you might check out a larger version here

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First Place - TehNrd's entry edged out everyone with some really cool additional features. He included the functionality to receive an email notification whether the outgoing message was delivered successfully, failed or both. His outgoing message status is initially set to "queued" and then is updated by Twilio based upon the actual delivery status. He also used "Inbound" and "Outbound" recordtypes for different page layouts and buttons. He included a "Resend" button for failed outbound messages and a "Reply" button for inbound messages. There is also a really nice "View All" features that displays the entire conversation in an iphone-ish view of the conversation.

TehNrd included both a short and long versions of his demo but I've embeded the long version below. Make sure to watch it! This is his third winning challenge.


  1. I love to see solutions like these... thanks for actually putting down some real cash for the contest Twillo!!