Wednesday, May 25, 2011


In case you don't have a metaphone app installed, the title converts to "Announcing the Metaphone Winner". We had two equally good submissions for our Apex Metaphone challenge so we have awarded them both 1st place with $500 each.

Knthornt's submission was well written, thoroughly documented and highly reusable. His video submission is below and I highly recommend watching it.

Arvind took a little different approach as he ported the Apache Common Codec library from Java to Apex. His implementation took into account potentially large data sets and their implications with governor limits. Typically we don't allow the use of other libraries unless pre-approved. All work must be original in nature.

Congrat to both for great submissions!

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  1. Since when are software devs given bad scores for using libraries? Without libraries, the software industry would be back in the dark ages!

    I give props to Arind for the knowledge of that library and porting it to a more restrictive environment.

  2. chexxor,

    No one at CloudSpokes disagrees with you. As you can see from the post, Arind was awarded 1st place and 1st place money. However, one of the restrictions of the contest is you must submit your own code. We do allow libraries IF they are approved for the contest. Even if we are open sourcing the solution there can be conflicts based on licenses of certain libraries.

  3. You might want to clarify that. GPL is obviously a problem but MIT or other licensing shouldn't be a problem regardless of your purposes -- I would assume.

    Now that you say that I wonder if my earlier submission was disqualified because I included jQuery to do image loading....

  4. We do not have a problem with jQuery. The safest mode of action is to ask first and then we'll approve the library. I don't want to offer any blanket statements around MIT or other licenses.