Wednesday, May 11, 2011

CloudSpokes Challenges to Support Google I/O

Google I/O is in full swing today with a ton of great announcements. With all of the excitement, sessions and new products swirling in the air, we almost forgot to turn off the live stream and get some work done.

Never fear, in the true spirit of Google I/O, we launched three challenges in support of the event. (More may be coming so be sure to check back.) This gives you a chance to participate in new technologies even if you aren't physically at I/O. In addition, the prize money doesn't hurt either.

Android Task Manager for the Google Tasks API - Create an Android application that uses the Google Tasks API to manage all of those things that keep us busy throughout the day. The app will use JSON for data representation and OAuth2 for authentication. The only other requirement is that the app provides the functionality to query, manage and sync a user’s tasks and task lists.

Google Meeting Inspector Gadget - Develop a "Meeting Inspector" calendar Google gadget. This is used to give calendar power-users additional insights into their events, particularly recurring events. The gadget must be an HTML-type gadget, Use 3-legged OAuth and be displayed anytime a user has selected a meeting, either by clicking on it, or while editing/viewing it.

Google Support Bot - Build a virtual helpdesk operator, who will redirect support questions to an available helpdesk agent that a user might pose over XMPP (e.g. from Google Talk). The app must be built in AppEngine (Java or Python) and an admin page to assign a user as a helpdesk agent must be included.

Get started in one of these challenges today to build up your resume and make some cash. The total prize money for all three challenges is nearly $5000!

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