Wednesday, May 18, 2011

CloudSpokes Scores the 2011 DocuSign E-Sign Hackathon!

This weekend the CloudSpokes team was extremely excited to be given the opportunity to showcase our framework to support hackathons at DocuSign’s E-Sign Hackathon, part of their 2011 Summit. Using CloudSpokes to run hackathons is something we’ve been experimenting with for some time now for two very simple but powerful reasons:

  1. There is currently no solution (or none that we know of!) to manage hackathons - Hackathons are by nature organized chaos, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they have to be managed using excel spreadsheets and email. By using CloudSpokes, DocuSign was able to double their list of judges, as some were unable to meet schedule conflicts and be there in person. The hackathon was completely run in the cloud, allowing all involved to focus on the hackathon, and the code

  2. CloudSpokes provides an excellent platform to facilitate a hackathon - CloudSpokes challenges are in many ways virtual mini-hackathons. To expand CloudSpokes’ functionality to manage a hackathon was an easily digestible task, would help fill a need in the dev community, and would obviously help give CloudSpokes more exposure amongst our peers.  This was really a no-brainer for the team
Our new CloudSpokes Hackathon Framework provides a publicly accessible way to support teams, team leaders, team images, app submissions, judging, scoring, and has a dynamic scorecard to announce winners. Hackathons-as-a-Service? Sure, why not!  

Overall we were thrilled to be a part of what turned out to be a superbly run Summit and Hackathon. All credit to Mike Borozdin, DeVaris Brown, Julia Ferraioli, and the rest of the DocuSign dev team for putting on a killer show. The category winners were all fantastic.  One of our personal favorites amongst the finalists was the Kindlegraph, by Evan Jacobs.

Congrats to all involved!

Below is a quick CloudSpokes highlight video from the announcement dinner:

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