Friday, May 20, 2011

Kenji776 Crushes the CloudSpokes Scoreboard Challenge

You may have read that we were the scoring platform for the $25,000 DocuSign Hackathon held last weekend. When we agreed to run the competition we realized that we needed some type of scoreboard to display messages, teams and winners. So Dave and I brainstormed ideas and put together a time-sensitive challenge for the community to build the scoreboard for us (honestly, we really aren't lazy). The community came through with 5 great submissions! We are awarding first and second place money for this challenge.

The requirements for the Dynamic Scoreboard for CloudSpokes challenge where pretty detailed and in-depth:

The scoreboard app will be written in HTML5, jQuery or Ext JS and read configuration data from an XML or JSON file in the current working directory.The scoreboard will have multiple display states based upon the stage of the competition and load data from an external file. The app will read configuration data from an XML or JSON file in the local directory and refresh it every 5 seconds to check for changes and updating the view accordingly. This time period should be configurable.

Kenji776 totally crushed this challenge... in record time. So not only does he take home $2000 for first place but also an additional $250 for the first acceptable solution. Mural finishes second and receives $750. Congrats to all everyone that participated! Here's the accompanying video that Kenji776 submitted:

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