Monday, June 27, 2011

CloudSpokes Weekly - 06/20/11

Guest blogger, Romin Irani, made a recent suggestion to us that we consider putting together a weekly recap of the last week's Cloud news. We're all for promoting great ideas surfaced by the community (thanks Romin!) so we thought we'd give it a go.

This new series of weekly blog posts will be focused on the interesting nuggets of cloud information we come across during the week. This is by no means a capture of all the great things happening in this fast moving world, but it’s also not an auto-digest ( of random stories either. We hope this helps us all keep tabs on what’s going on in our industry.

During the week, should you come across a post worthy of being noted here, simply tweet it with the hashtag -  #spokesweekly  - and we'll add it to the recap!!

  • @infoweek - Your Company's Next Secret Weapon: Cloud APIs
    • Getting well-designed and well-managed application programming interfaces into the marketplace for developers to use may be just as important as having a corporate website, agreed a panel at the cloud-oriented Structure 2011 show Thursday in San Francisco
  • @gigastacey - Why cloud, not PC, drives chip innovations
    • This is a significant shift, because it means general purpose CPUs designed for general purpose machines don’t always make sense. Thus, companies such as SeaMicro, Tilera and others are confident they can deliver specialized hardware that is optimized for specific workloads, generally by reducing power or by boosting speeds. None of them think Intel’s commodity servers will ever go away entirely, but all argue those boxes shouldn’t be the only ones in data center racks anymore
  • @kevinctofel - Sorry HTML 5, mobile apps are used more than the web
    • "[T]he fragmentation issue in mobile only gets worse with each year with new devices, different implementations and operating systems, the cost of rolling out an app across multiple devices around the world can increase exponentially. As such, the browser provides the prospect of being the great unifier so you can truly design once and run everywhere (where the browser is available). For the simple apps that are less interactive and require less multimedia capability, like the popular social networking and news/weather apps, browser provides the perfect avenue to maximize impact with least amount of development."
  • @windowsazure - Announcing Free Ingress for all Windows Azure Customers
    • Today we’re pleased to announce a change in pricing for the Windows Azure platform that will provide significant cost savings for customers whose cloud applications experience substantial inbound traffic, and customers interested in migrating large quantities of existing data to the cloud. For billing periods that begin on or after July 1, 2011, all inbound data transfers for both peak and off-peak times will be free
  • @jasonkincaid -’s SDK Makes Entering Credit Card Info Easy As Taking A Snapshot
    • is a new startup making its public debut today that’s looking to make lives easier for developers and users alike — by making inputting your credit card information as easy as holding your card in front of your phone’s camera for a few seconds
  • @wesnolte - Slides from the Cloud Computing World Forum

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