Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Google App Engine Image Storage Winners

We had four really good submissions for our Google App Engine Image Storage challenge. The challenge was to write an app that stores and serves images using the Blobstore and Images APIs. We want to use this app to store images for CloudSpokes and then serve dynamically defined sizes (i.e., thumbnails) using the Images API.

Mural took first place ($1000) with a submission that not only met but blew away the requirements with REST services and an Ajax UI baked in. Eadlam and Romin tied for second and we decided to give them both $500 instead of splitting the cash. Romin did his usual awesome work and this was the first submission by eadlam. He actually wrote a really clean Python implementation of the app. An finally, acorv finished third.

Make sure you check out the short video below for full details. Please note that in the video I stated (incorrectly) that tryluck finished third when in actuality it was acorv.

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  1. Fantastic submission by Mural. Love the REST API browser.