Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Mobile is HOT! iOS Lead Management Winner for

Acerbetti picks up a quick $750 with his first CloudSpokes entry and win for our iOS Lead Managements challenge.

The challenge was to build a simple iOS app with only one purpose -- get new leads as fast as possible into You can watch the video below but in a nutshell here's the application. After the user has been verified with the OAuth protocol, the app will show the page to enter all the information required for the new lead to be created in Each row is clickable and is opens a page where the user can enter free text or pick a value. Once all the informations are entered in the form, the user can press the save button and the app first will check for the required fields, if they are populated, the new lead is sent to

If the operation is succesfull, the app will ask to attach a photo for the lead. The user can choose to resize the picture or send the full size. When the upload is done, the app will clean the form and it's ready to save another lead.

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