Friday, June 24, 2011

Tongal - The Winner!!

Well, our countdown is done and the time has come to announce our winner from our Tongal contest!

This was definitely a tough call to make, given the talent in the four submissions we received. But the overall winner, submitted by Jimmy Ahlander, just seemed to have all the perfect elements, aligned in a wonderful format.  Jimmy's professional website can be found here.

Also as you'll see, we now have an official mascot that we can use and already have more than a few plans for Clyde, Jimmy's fantastic narrator.

Clyde Fabreze
Crowdsourcing this video contest with Tongal really couldn't have turned out better for the CloudSpokes team.  We were able to put together a list of basic requirements, work with many different flavors of creative artists, and eventually choose the results we wanted.

So go ahead and click Clyde above, or head over directly to to check out the big winner.  Congrats to Jimmy, and all of the finalists - we couldn't be more impressed!

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