Friday, June 17, 2011

Tweet! Chat! Quack????

So you maybe tweeting and chatting but are you quacking? Thanks to the first place submission from chriswoolcott we are now Quacking!

We had two great submissions for our Twitter to Chatter for challenge. First place went to chriswoolcott and a close second went to joeyqchan who had a great name for his app too, TwitBook. joeyqchan actually won the Facebook to Chatter challenge and submitted a combined app for both challenges. JeffDOnTheMic wrote up a great blog post covering the submission.

What really made chriswoolcott's submission standout (besides the great name) was his implementation of using a public twitter feed. Setting up a public twitter feed is easy to do and allows the application to make one out going call instead of several different calls to each twitter account. Check out the video I made using chriswoolcott's submission below.

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