Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Type-Ahead/Auto-Complete Visualforce Component Winner

Another winners announcement! This time for our Type-Ahead/Auto-Complete Visualforce Component challenge.

Using a lookup is sometimes a tedious process. You have to click the button, wait for the window to open, type in your search criteria, hit the search button, click the link of the record you want and then wait for the window to close. That’s a lot of work for most users. We wanted a spiffy-new-jquery-powered Visualforce component that we could drop onto a Visualforce page, configure and then do the work for us.

Kenji776fractastical and mfullmore came through for us with great submissions. We only awarded 1st and 2nd place for this challenge and the judges scored Kenji77 and fractastical with the same results (100%). Therefore, since Kenji776 submitted his code first, he comes out on top with $400 while fractastical take home $200.

Kenjii776's entry is below but you may want to view it full size here. Awesome job and we look forward to more jQuery submissions from everyone!

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