Friday, July 1, 2011

$2K Challenge - Build a Dreamforce Mobile Party App

Dreamforce '11 is rapidly approaching and in the spirit of fun stuff, we'd like to create a mobile-friendly party app for Dreamforce attendees. There is going to be 25,000+ attendees at Dreamforce 11 this year and this is your chance. You can be a rock star with your name in lights (no... you won’t be onstage with Metallica) by building a kick-ass mobile app that thousands of attendees use to find out what “extra curricular” activities are going on at the event. Not only will you be featured prominently on the app but you’ll make a cool $2K in the process. Talk about showcasing your talents!

There is a bit of creativity required around this application, as the basic structure is very simple but the possibilities to make this a useful and fun application are limitless. Throw in as many bells, whistles and dangly things to make it appealing and attractive. The app with the most functionality and eye-candy wins!

This will be a mobile web app (no native apps!) that plays nicely with mobile devices (iPhone, Android, iPad, etc.) as well as standard browsers. The app will allow party planners to submit information surrounding a party and attendees to review local parties and get involved (review, register, see who else is registered, all synced to social media, etc.).

Check out the full details of the challenge and get crackin!!

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