Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Announcing our first official partnership - Isidorey!

Today we’re excited to announce that Isidorey is helping launch our partnership program here at CloudSpokes by signing on as our first partner!

Isidorey provides a platform for connecting embedded mobile devices to the cloud - a natural fit for our mobile and cloud development focuses (not to mention that Kyle & team are great friends). We’re super impressed with what they’ve accomplished in short order. If you want to meet the team, Isidorey will be sponsoring the upcoming Cassandra Summit with a focus on their Cloudsandra platform.

Part of being a cross-cloud community means exactly that - enabling cross-cloud development and showcasing the power of the cross-cloud community. Roughly half of our challenges have some sort of cross-cloud integration, a natural way to develop the best solution in this new API-driven, hackathon, world.

By bringing in partners like Isidorey, we’re expanding the potential for what CloudSpokes can achieve in public cloud development. Isidorey has a fantastically creative team and we’re eager to see what interesting challenges their team brings to the table. We'll be launching the first set of Isidorey contests on July 11th during the Cassandra Summit with the Cloudsandra theme (it's free for developers, so register today and get a head start).

Stay tuned for more partnership announcements as we continue to add best-of-breed API providers and public cloud platforms to our partner ecosystem.

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