Thursday, July 21, 2011

CloudSpokes Open Source Sweetness

The CloudSpokes team has the community bug. We're crowdsourcing everything - the redevelopment of CloudSpokesour promotional videos and our IKEA needs. We've got a fever and the only prescription is more cowbell community involvement.

A part of allowing communities to prosper is to give back. Whether it be your neighborhood or CloudSpokes, this principle still applies and we'd like to contribute apps and expertise to a set of collective knowledge. That said, we are finally ready to announce two exciting programs to help make it happen:
  1. Open Sourcing CloudSpokes Challenges
    First, we will be open sourcing many of the CloudSpokes challenges. Initially we will be open sourcing over 75% of the challenges that are not client or partner specific (i.e. those we control). Of the ones we're open sourcing, their challenges can be found on the CloudSpokes Open Source page with all of the code and assets here on github. Most of the challenges use the MIT license but you can find the specific license used on the details page of the challenge as well as in the "docs" directory in the individual github repos.

  2. Get Started with Open Source - No Administrative Cost
    CloudSpokes is open to any company - ISV or enterprise - to run contests on. We have a small administrative fee (to partly cover the cost of W-9 forms, payment processing, the platform, etc). For those interested in running qualifying open source contests, we are waiving fees for the first $5,000 of contests.
Our goal is to contribute as much back to the community as possible. We're doing this on a hunch that developers not only like money and recognition, but also receive some extra satisfaction knowing that their hard work can be reused to make someone's else's job easier. We think the open source model is the way to do that. Here are the challenges that we are initially open sourcing. More are sure to follow. Let's all get involved to make the (coding) world a happier, more productive place!

You can find the following projects at our GitHub account:
  1. Twilio SMS for (blog | code)
  2. Facebook "Like Box" Visualforce Component (blog | code)
  3. OAuth2 with OmniAuth for & Heroku (blog | code)
  4. iPhone Admin Application (blog | code)
  5. Org Chart (blog | code)
  6. Network Detection with Javascript (blog | code)
  7. Android Admin Application (blog | code)
  8. Geolocation Toolkit (blog | code)
  9. Generic Related List Visualforce Component (blog | code)
  10. Chatter Profile "Jailbreak" (blog | code)
  11. Google Chat Bot Reminder (blog | code)
  12. The Cloudy Cloud Obfuscated Code Challenge (blog | code)
  13. Beat Jeff Douglas (blog | code)
  14. Lazy Loading Tree with the JavaScript REST Toolkit (blog | code)
  15. Type-Ahead/Auto-Complete Visualforce Component (blog | code)
  16. Opportunity Questionnaire (blog | code)
  17. Google App Engine Image Storage (blog | code)
  18. Ruby Social Network Status Updater (blog | code)
  19. Apex Metaphone (blog | code)
  20. Customer Portal Dashboard with Google Chart Tools (blog | code)
  21. Google Support Bot (code)
  22. iPad Event Management with SFDC (blog | code)
  23. Google Doc Exporter (blog | code)
  24. Reassign Google Docs Owners (blog | code)
  25. Visualforce Gauge Component (code)
  26. iOS Lead Management (blog | code)
  27. Google Sites Embedded gDocs Inventory (code)
  28. Android Task Manager for the Google Tasks API (blog | code)
  29. Email Upload Chatter Pictures to Picasa (blog | code)
  30. iPad Account Checkin App for (blog | code)

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