Monday, July 25, 2011

Come Help! Announcing Challenges to Rebuild CloudSpokes

Captain Coder?
Everyone wants to be a superhero... including this guy. Now is your chance! We are launching a number of challenges over the next couple of months to rebuild the entire CloudSpokes site on Database.comHeroku and other PaaS platforms. That's right... you may think it sounds ridiculous to let your members build your site for you, but that's how we roll. We're crazy about the crowd that way!

We launched CloudSpokes in February and the first 100 days have blown us away. Every day we are looking to build in more functionality as demands from members and sponsors grow. This is a process we've been planning for a number of months and now we can finally kick it off.

How are we going to go about doing this? Like everyone else, we are going REST and JSON for our applications. This will allow us to use web and mobile clients written in virtually any language. We are going to start out with challenges that build out the backend on Then we'll start running challenges for the middle tier, web tier and finally mobile clients.

Plenty of Challenges for all Types of Developers

You're a rails guy? Great! We have challenges for you. Java is your "go to" language? Challenges abound for you my friend. developer? Ah... YEAH! We have loads of challenges in the hopper so make sure you sign up for notification of new challenges.

However, even though we'll be using for persistence we are fairly platform agnostic for the rest of the site. We may use Heroku for the front end, store images on App Engine, use Beanstalk to send email through Amazon SES or write a polling service on Cloud Foundry. That's the great thing about the cloud... we can quickly tie into the service that best fits our needs.

So if you are a developer (or want to become one!!), this is a great chance to sharpen your dev skills on some of's newest technologies and make some money in the meantime. Talk about a resume builder? You'll get streed cred for building one of the coolest sites using, Apex REST Services, Chatter API and much, much more.

Here are some of the challenges that we currently have running:

1. CloudSpokes Scorecard Service
Write an Apex REST service on for scoring of CloudSpokes challenge submissions.

2. CloudSpokes Recommendation Service
Write an Apex REST service on to allow CloudSpokes members to submit recommendations for each other.

3. CloudSpokes Challenge Service
Write an Apex REST service on with the functionality manage challenges including categories, prizes and reviewers.

4. CloudSpokes Participant Service
Write an Apex REST service on that allows members to register for a challenge and submit entries.

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