Friday, July 1, 2011

Google Docs Exporter Challenge Results

We scored our Google Doc Exporter challenge yesterday and are showcasing the top four entries. The requirements were to create a website asking the user to log into a Google account and give them the option to export all docs, spreadsheets and presentations for the user. The application uses the Google Docs API and downloads all files as a single zip in the appropriate formats.

We didn't specify the platform for the challenge but the top four entries all chose Google App Engine. Three were written in Python and one in Java. Akkishore came in first ($1000), Romin ($500) in second and then Kenji776 and kzer95 tied for third.

One of the great things about this challenge was that Kenji776 stated that this was his first Google App Engine project and it was spurred on by this challenge! Awesome to see people using CloudSpokes to broaden their skills.

Akkishore (Python)

Romin (Java)

Kenji776 (Python)

kzer95 (Python)

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