Tuesday, July 5, 2011

iPad Event Management for Salesforce.com Winner!

Acerbetti wins his second challenge with our iPad Event Management with Salesforce.com challenge for $750.

The challenge was to build a campaign manager to modify the status of the members on-the-fly. The app starts by asking for the user's saleforce.com credential and uses the OAuth protocol to authenticate with the server. Once the credentials are verified the user can choose the campaign from the list of active available in the org. The iPad screen is divided in two parts, on the left there are the basic details of the campaign and the associated statuses with the number of members for each status. The status cell also acts as a filter for the members visualized in the main part of the screen. The user can select the member to change the current status and the app will save the new status in saleforce.com. The user can also filter the current list using the search bar. The text is used to find record where first name, last name or email are starting with the input string.

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