Thursday, August 25, 2011

1st CloudSpokes Community Hangout a Success!

Great turnout for our first Google+ Community Hangout! We had a number of people stop by and a few people tried to joint but were unable to for various technical reasons. There were people in the hangout from three different continents and it was really great to finally meet and talk with people that we only interact with online.

The conversation was very interesting as there were wide range of audience members. We had some discussions about Dreamforce, upcoming announcements, challenge ideas, likes and dislikes about CloudSpokes and even the birth of a member's new baby. One member even exclaimed, "I'm literally addicted to these challenges!"

As you would expect, there was quite a bit of technical talk and the majority of it was on the topic of Cloud Foundry and their new micro. Some members had installed the micro already and we got some really good feedback and insights.

All and all it was a really fun event and my guess is that we'll make it a regular community event. There's even talk about doing a couple of hangouts at Dreamforce next week for members that cannot make it to San Francisco.

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