Monday, August 1, 2011

Announcing the #DF11 Mobile Party App Winners!

The recent Dreamforce® Mobile Party App Challenge has to be one of the coolest challenges we've posted to date. A mobile party app for the hottest cloud conference of the year - what's not to like about that?

Appirio sponsored this CloudSpokes challenge in order to provide the Dreamforce community with something that's been needed, requested even, but never before existed. And in the true flavor of giving something back to the community this project is open source (posting to github shortly).

This challenge was fairly open-ended both from a development and creativity standpoint - Appirio didn't want to restrict the app in any way with the challenge, wanting to see what the community came up with if the requirements were light.

Our $2,000 winner for the challenge is mbleigh, with his Heroku entry. It has all the elements, a super clean UI, and plays just oh-so-nice on all the mobile devices we've tested it on.

  • The app displays on a Heroku front end, with a Postrgres backend 
  • At the top-level you can view parties, with the ability to submit new parties
  • Deep dive into a party displays further information, as well as a map view so you head to the right place (Google Maps)
  • There's a view to "tweets" as well which can be set to an event's hashtag (in this case, #DF11)
  • Appirio is planning on announcing the app shortly, we'll link that from the blog once available!

Kenji776 came in a close second, and is walking away with $1000 for his creative Salesforce Sites submission.  Note that this win should put Kenji776 at the top of the CloudSpokes Leaderboard - a heck of an achievement for our most active member. Congrats Dan!

Neither the Dreamforce Mobile Party App Challenge nor this blog were sponsored by, inc.   DREAMFORCE is a trademark of and is used here with permission. 

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