Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Art Meets Text is now popart.appirio.com!

Appirio just announced their first implementation of the Art Meets Text challenge, in the form of popart.appirio.com - a caption contest based on Appirio's 2011 Dreamforce popart theme.  Congrats again to Kenji776 on his winning entry!

If you're attending Dreamforce, this is a great opportunity to win $1000 or tickets to Appirio's MoMA Party (co-sponsored by Caesars, Financial Force, and Zuora). More details from the popart page:

The Appirio Pop Art Contest

Enter a caption in the pop art image of your choice and submit the entry. It will create an image and submit it to our Pop Art Picassa Gallery. Get people to vote for your images and you can win tickets to our invite only Dreamforce MOMA event or even $1000 !!!

What is Pop Art?

American Pop Art was a product of the social revolution of the 1960's. It associated itself with everyday images of the populate that connected people, instead of the esoteric and closed word of the more classical predecessors. It's strongly linked with the rise and globalization of pop music and youth culture, epitomized by Elvis and the Beatles. Pop art was brash and fun and represented innovation without constraint and showed the power of connection people in a more open way.

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