Friday, August 5, 2011

Cloudsandra Admin Console Winner!

Guest Blogger: Kyle Roche

Kyle Roche, aka kyleisidorey on CloudSpokes, was the initiator of our first official CloudSpokes partnership. He has put up an great post on his blog, reviewing the results from one of their first challenges we posted, the Cloudsandra Admin Console - and we wanted to share.  Congrats to sindujaramaraj on the fantastic entry:

When we launched Cloudsandra a few weeks back, we kicked things off by sponsoring a few development contests on Cloudspokes. The next few posts, cover the winning submissions from the contests. This first contest entry was for the Admin Console contest...

I'm really pleased by the underlying architecture of the Admin Console we received; it's built using my favorite-of-the-moment language - Node.js! It uses the node-cloudsandra helper library available on github, and was deployed on Heroku. The CSS styling is really simple (and can throw you off from the more-than-functional console), but this is a good thing -- it can easily be integrated with any UI you're writing.

The first screen takes in your Cloudsandra login credentials:

The layout defaults to the first column family in your arsenal and would show indexes if we had any defined:

If we click on the Data tab, the row keys are defined in gray and respective data is shown in yellow:

If you click on a column value, or piece of data, you can Edit/Delete it:

Adding a new column family is as easy as clicking on tab, and inputting data into a modal form:

Adding a new indexed column:

To add data to a column family:

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