Friday, August 26, 2011

CloudSpokes + Dreamforce = Awesome

Sal loves Dreamforce!
Dreamforce! Dreamforce! Dreamforce! We've been prepping for Dreamforce for the last couple of months but it's become almost our sole focus recently.

Here's a run-down of how we are involved in Dreamforce. There will be a number of us running around in our "CloudSpokes" attire so you can't miss us. Make sure you stop by our booth in the Developer Zone and say "HI!" and pick up any schwag we may have available.

Dreamforce Mobile Party App
This year's Dreamforce is sure to be packed with plenty of fun and excitement.  To help you keep track of all your social events we ran a CloudSpokes challenge to develop a mobile-friendly party app for Dreamforce attendees.  It's an open source, mobile friendly application (it's compatible with any HTML5 enabled mobile devicee) that allow attendees to stay current on all your social activities at this year's hottest cloud conference. Bookmark the app on your mobile device:
Dreamforce Hackathon
CloudSpokes will be powering this year's Dreamforce Hackathon! Our framework provides a publicly accessible way to support teams, team leaders, team images, app submissions, judging, scoring, and has a dynamic scorecard to announce winners. We'll be highly visible during the hackathon so if you need any assistance, don't hesitate to ask. Details on the hackathon will be announced this Friday.

Appirio Popart
Another one of our CloudSpokes challenges produced the Appirio Popart site. It's a fun and interactive way to showcase your creative, free-spirited talents and even win some cash. Take peek at some of the submissions.

Dreamforce Sessions
The CloudSpokes crew is involved in a number of sessions throughout Dreamforce.

How to Crowdsource Cloud Development - Jeff Douglas
1:30-2:00PM, Tue 8/30 @ Lightning Forum

Azure vs. Lessons Learned from Replatforming - Dave Messinger, Jeff Douglas
5:00-6:00PM, Tue 8/30

Gamification: Why it's not a bad word - Dave Messinger
11:30-12:00PM, Wed 8/31 @ Lightning Forum

PaaS and Open Source: The New Frontier - Jeff Douglas
3:30-4:30PM, Wed 8/31 @ Moscone West 2016

Connect Your Clouds with - Jeff Douglas
8:30-9:30AM, Fri 9/2 @ Moscone West 2018

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