Monday, August 22, 2011

CloudSpokes to Power the Dreamforce 2011 Hackathon

Yes - you read that correctly.  And yes - we’re pretty darn excited about it.  CloudSpokes is powering the Dreamforce 2011 Hackathon, meaning, we’re going to be providing Dreamforce with our Hackathon Framework to help run the event.

The CloudSpokes Hackathon Framework provides a publicly accessible way to support teams, team leaders, team images, app submissions, judging, scoring, and has a dynamic scorecard to announce winners.

We tracked down the team behind the scenes at Salesforce to discuss what their plans were for the Hackathon this year, what themes were going to be present, what sponsors would be involved, and lastly why they decided to use CloudSpokes.

CloudSpokes (CS): So what is this year’s plan - what can info can you give us about the event prior to DF11?
Nick Tran (NT), Senior Director of Developer Marketing at Salesforce: “We’re calling the developer area the Developer Zone this year as opposed to the Zone since we’ll be covering,, and Heroku which I am really excited about.  It will be located on the 2nd floor of Moscone West and if you remember from last year, it will be teeming with activity.  One of the thing I’m looking forward to most is the Dreamforce Hackathon, which is the preiminent event for bringing out the very best in developers. We’re going to allow pre-registration using CloudSpokes about a week prior to the event (so stay tuned), and then the Hackathon will run from Tuesday morning through Thursday. The top 20 finalists will be pitching their apps to the community at the Hackathon finale Thursday afternoon. We’re going to have three major prizes as well as individual sponsor category prizes.”
CS: Can you give us a preview of the theme?
NT: “The theme this year is going to be ‘Mission: Impossible’-style, but since most anything is possible in the cloud, we’re calling it Mission: Code Compete. We’ll be posting all of the event details soon.”
CS: Can you give us a preview of the sponsors involved, and their prize categories?
NT: “Twilio is the main Hackathon sponsor.  Additionally, we have a few other partners signed up - Appirio, DocuSign, Gnip, StackMob, and Salesforce Sustainability. I cannot speak to the partner prize categories just yet, but you’ll find out soon enough. Stay tuned to the developer site, and #dfhack on Twitter.”
CS: How did CloudSpokes come to be involved in hosting the hackathon?
NT: “Since its launch, CloudSpokes has been on our radar. It’s the first developer community we’ve seen that’s solely focused on public cloud, and being such, also focuses strongly on the platform. For those of us on the developer team at Salesforce, we’re very excited about CloudSpokes. We saw that the team helped out with the DocuSign Hackathon, and thought there might be a great way to provide similar support for our DF11 Hackathon.”
CS: Thanks Nick - we’re thrilled to be involved! 

Hope to see you all at the public cloud developer event of the year!