Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Come "Hangout" with the CloudSpokes Team on Thursday

We'll be holding our first CloudSpokes "Hangout" on Google+ this Thursday (Aug 25) from 2pm-3pm EST. Feel free to stop by and meet the gang, inquire about challenges, ask questions about our plans for Dreamforce or just hangout.

If you don't have a Google+ account and would like one, let us know as we have invites available. Just send your Gmail address to cloudspokes[at]appirio(dot)com and let us know you are requesting a Google+ invite.

Once you are on Google+ make sure you add Jeff Douglas and David Messinger to your circles and we'll add you as well. At 2pm we'll send out the invite to your stream but you also might want to follow @cloudspokes on Twitter as we'll be blasting out info there as well. You can also search for Jeff or Dave by name in Google+ and any hangouts that are currently active will display on their pages.

Look forward to hanging out together!

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