Thursday, August 4, 2011

If Romin Can Learn, So Can You!

Learning to develop on is fun! Just ask Romin.

Learning any new language isn't easy but Romin may have an advantage. First of all, Romin is a pretty decent Java developer... and by "pretty decent" I mean #awesome. According to his website, he's written 5 books, a ton of apps, and numerous tutorials on Google App Engine, APIs, mobile and other cloud technologies. I think it would be fair to say that Romin loves software like a fat kid loves cake.

Romin has won a number of CloudSpokes challenges but has never participated in anything for We've been running a lot of challenges lately for the new Apex REST services for and I guess they piqued his interest. Not only did he enter the CloudSpokes Participant Service but he blew it out of the water and won $500.

If you'd like to get participate in some of our Apex REST challenges, take a peak at this blog post to get started. My guess is that Romin visited this article a couple of times.

Congrats Romin!!

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