Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Super-Duper Challenge Service Winner!

At CloudSpokes we really love a challenge. The bigger the better. You could even say we like to super-size our challenges. We've had a number of challenges to build out our infrastructure on Force.com, but none of them bigger or more important than our CloudSpokes Challenge Service.

We were somewhat nervous about this challenge. The Challenge services is the heart of the CloudSpokes API. It's used for finding challenges, displaying their details, creating and editing them, adding prizes, managing reviewers and configuring categories. Essentially running the site.

We were hoping to have some really good code that we could roll into our production org. We received number of submissions and boy were we surprised at the quality!

Gackerjr has set the standard for Apex REST development with his first place submission! He encapsulated most of his functionality in Abstract classes that make modifications and reuse a snap. His submission also included 7 pages of documentation! Wow! One of our requirements was that the service "...must support pagination, complex variations for searching". Gackerjr implemented a flexible yet powerful means to query for challenges that should more than fit our needs. You can check out his code at our GitHub repo for our production CloudSpokes org.

Second place goes to romin. He's just started out with Apex but is really getting the hang of it. We look forward to more great submission from both gackerjr and romin.

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