Friday, August 19, 2011

Welcome Aboard Mavens Consulting!

A couple of weeks ago we released the results of 30+ CloudSpokes challenges to the open source community (see CloudSpokes Open Source Sweetness) and threw down the gauntlet. We announced that we were opening up the CloudSpokes platform to any company - ISV or enterprise - to run open source challenges for essentially free. We were hoping that companies would take us up on the offer but we never thought it would happen so quickly.

Mavens Consulting promptly picked up that gauntlet and slapped us in the face with it (virtually of course). We are excited to announce them as our first open source sponsor running challenges on CloudSpokes! Their first challenge, Toolkit for Google Analytics Admin App, will allow admins to configure the import of basic Google Analytics data into Salesforce without requiring them to write any custom Apex code. The winning entry will be distributed as part of the free, open source toolkit.

We look forward to seeing more challenges in the near future from Mavens Consulting. If your company is interested in running challenges that give back to the open source community, hit us up on @cloudspokes and we can talk.

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  1. Awesome! I have a feeling @apexsutherland had something to do with this!