Friday, September 30, 2011

Box's PHP Library and CloudSpokes

Guest Blogger: Sean Rose

Hot on the heels of Box's announcement of the Mobile Dev Challenge winners, Sean Rose - Associate Platform Manager at Box, has put together a great recap of their recent PHP Library for the Box API challenge.  Check it out!

Box recently hosted a challenge on CloudSpokes to build out a new fully extensible PHP library for the Box API. The results rolled in recently, and we’re happy to announce the winner.

We had two key criteria in evaluating the entries:

  • Clarity: The structure of the code needed to match the modularity of the Box API, in addition to having thorough commenting throughout. The ideal library would have the average developer up and running with API in minutes.
  • Quality: We wanted the library to take full advantage of the power of the Box API, as well as be designed in such a manner as to allow for future API methods to be incorporated in a relatively straightforward manner.

The winning entry and one that blew us away was submitted by Angelo R. Angelo’s entry had outstanding documentation that clearly explained how his library tied in to the API.

Angelo also supplied a very simple and straightforward test file to demonstrate how the functions tied together in a live app.

Angelo kept with the good programming principles we recommended and made his library easily extensible. He was actually even able to use the REST component of his Box library to build another library for a separate API.

In keeping with our usual standards, the library is now open-sourced and available on GitHub for you to play around with. Congratulations to Angelo and stay tuned for our next CloudSpokes challenge.

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