Tuesday, September 27, 2011

CloudSpokes B2B Video, another Tongal production

As part of our project with Tongal, we made an agreement that we'd fund a second video with whomever won our crowdsourced video contest. As a refresher, Tongal's creative social platform delivers a fresh solution to sourcing video content - think about Tongal as the CloudSpokes of the video content industry. The first video was designed to be an introduction to CloudSpokes that we could host directly on www.CloudSpokes.com.

This second video is more for companies interested in learning more about how they can host challenges and have their enterprise public cloud development challenges tackled by this 20,000+ strong community. It's a beautiful cycle - the more companies we have sponsoring creative new challenges, the more work we can provide out the community, the more prizes available for the taking, and the more we'll pique the interest of the world's great cloud developers.

Check it out!

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