Monday, September 19, 2011

CloudSpokes Site Rebuild Progress Update

Last week was a busy one for us here at CloudSpokes and we thought this might be a good time to give everyone a progress update. For the past couple of months now we've been rebuilding the CloudSpokes site on Heroku and The work is being split into two major phases. Phase one consists of the APIs and services running on The CloudSpokes community has done a great job building the REST services on that we need to run the site. Community members have written code for scoring, authentication, challenge management, member provisioning and much, much more. We are extremely pleased and impressed with the quality of code that a large variety of members have submitted.
Our next phase and series of challenges will be around building the front end of the site in Ruby on Rails for Heroku. Again we need your help. To prepare for these challenges the CloudSpokes team spent a good majority of last week not only merging all of the community developed code into our sandbox org but we also ported our scoring engine from .NET to Apex. We're happy to say that we've successfully unit tested all code and deployed it to our production instance.
Now the fun begins. We'll be spinning up one or more Developer orgs with our new code base so that community members can start participating in these front end challenges. If you have Ruby skilz or just want to learn, we encourage you to participate in these new challenges.

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