Friday, September 23, 2011

Node.js, Python and Java Winners for MailChimp Service with Amazon SES

We just wrapped up our CloudSpokes MailChimp Service with Amazon SES challenge with some really cool results and we thought we'd share. The challenge was to create an email service using the MailChimp STS API with Amazon SES for sending transactional email from CloudSpokes.

We chose three winners from our submissions and it was really interesting to see the technologies that were used to meet the requirements. The top three submissions were in Node.js, Java and Python.

Our favorite was our third place winner wcheung with "OctoChimpy". His Node.js on Heroku submission wasn't exactly what we were looking for but it was super cool in that it had an integration with GitHub to determine email recipients. His video is definitely worth watching. We passed it around the company to a number of people; it was a big hit.

The second place winner was akkishore with his Python on Google App Engine submission. We love Python code as it's really clean and compact. His submission included an ingenious "inner key" method as well as post payload for CSVs. He also submitted a really nice test interface which made our life easy. The video that accompanied his submission is available here.

The winner was sgurumurthy's Java submission. It was very well constructed, had great documentation and jUnit test cases. We are rolling the submission onto Heroku today.

Congrats to all of the winners for some very interesting and high quality submissions. We look forward to more!

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  1. For anyone interested, I open sourced OctoChimpy:

    ooo ooo ooo