Tuesday, September 13, 2011

You really like us! - 20,000 strong and growing

We’re shocked, thrilled and humbled that CloudSpokes has grown to 20,000+ community members. It’s a great feeling to have a massive number of developer friends, but we’re even more impressed with what this community has produced - these developers are absolutely fantastic.

In just over six months, this group of coding competitors have built entire mobile apps, fulfilled development requests using API platforms and frameworks, rebuilt our website and much, much more. This community has even been successful at making some attractive new friends for us. Partnering with hackathon hosts Salesforce.com, Box and DocuSign to help run their events was a blast and we’re looking forward to hosting similar events in the future.

But to be fair, we aren’t the only ones learning and growing. CloudSpokes had some awesome developer success stories in just a few short months - people are tackling technologies out of their comfort zones. Romin learned Force.com and others are picking up Ruby, Heroku, PostgreSQL and many more.

So, thank you. Thanks for being rock stars and making us look good. Keep it up. And most importantly, bring the feedback! We are here to make the best cross-cloud developer community possible. We need you to challenge us as much as we challenge you in order for us to improve.

It was very flattering to hear kudos at Dreamforce, but we’re really interested to hear about what we can do better. Reach us on email or twitter or always feel free to ping Jeff Douglas directly.

See you soon at CloudSpokes, where the rubber meets the code!

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