Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Video - Twilio Client for Salesforce Customer Portal

There's no doubt that Twilio Client is slick. It allows you to do realtime collaboration between users on web browsers, iPads, Android phones, and even traditional phones. We wanted to make it easier for salesforce.com Customer Portal users to speak with a live person so we spun up this Twilio Client for Salesforce Customer Portal challenge.

The challenge was to use Twilio Client to enable browser to browser voice communication with the salesforce.com Customer Portal. Using the new Twilio Client for Force.com (Beta) create an application using Twilio Client that allows a user in a salesforce.com Customer Portal to make a voice call to a customer service rep logged into salesforce.com. The customers will be able to initiate a browser to browser call to the customer support rep.

Here's helperyadav's winning submission.

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