Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Awesome Results for the Veterans Hackday 2011

We launched our own Veterans Hackday 2011 challenge last Thursday in support of LinkedIn's Veteran's Hackday 2011. We wanted to provide a little extra incentive for our members to participate so everyone that submitted received $100.

The submitted apps were as diverse as CloudSpokes members that submitted them. We had applications submitted using Cloud Foundry, Force.com, Heroku and Google App Engine. Development languages included Grails, Ruby, Apex and Java. A very exciting mix of both platforms and languages.

Here are the top for entries in no particular order:

Smart Vet Job Search

WCHEUNG - Canada
URL: http://smartvetjobsearch.cloudfoundry.com
Technology: Grails hosted on Cloud Foundry

Smart Vet Job Search is a job finder for veterans. The search is powered by the National Resource Directory Veterans Job Bank and adds the enhancement of returning the job details (not just one-line summaries). Saves you mouse-clicks, shows all job details on one page.

Veterans Helper Bot

ROMIN - India
URL: http://veteranshelperbot.appspot.com
Technology: Java on Google App Engine

Veterans Helper Bot is an Automated Google Talk Bot that will help Veterans through some of their common tasks such as finding helplines, looking up Military Operation Codes and finding open jobs listed in the National Resource Directory Veterans Job Bank.

Veterans Job Search

URL: https://shashig-developer-edition.na12.force.com/veteransJobSearch
Technology: Apex on Force.com Sites and Heroku

Veterans Job Search is a simple job search application for Force.com Sites that uses the National Resource Directory API  to do the job search and return the results. The results are proxied through Heroku due to some issues with the NRD's certificate.

Chow Finder

URL: http://chow-finder.herokuapp.com
Technology: jQuery Moble, Ruby on Rails and Database.com on Heroku

Chow Finder is a mobile application for services members to easily locate dining facilities aka "chow halls" on any military installation.

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