Thursday, November 3, 2011

CloudSpokes Rails Challenge Results == Awesome!

Our rewrite of our site in Rails and is in full swing with a number of Rails challenges wrapping up lately.

Akkishore won our CloudSpokes Challenges (on Rails!) challenge and took home $1750!  The requirements were to replicate the look and functionality of our current site as closely as possible with our new rails app using the Apex REST APIs that we'd developed from previous challenges. Great job by akkishore building out keys part of the new site.

Vzmind, a new competitor, absolutely rocked the CloudSpokes Members (on Rails!) challenge! The challenge was a companion to the one above to build the "member" sections of the site. Not only did vzmind meet all of the requirements with some really slick code but he threw in some Haml and Sass for the display as well!

Since "members" are such a critical part of our operations we were grateful for the amount of time and effort vzmind put in on this challenge. He laid out some architectural pieces of the site and even started us down the right path by creating an extensible "cloud_spokes" module that we can plug additional functionality into. BTW, not only did he win the $2000 for first place but since this was his first win that prize money is doubled! Awesome job!

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