Thursday, December 15, 2011

Be a hero. Save a Gmail Attachment.

Gmail attachments are fragile, fleeting things. Often misaligned and abused, and always in need of a good rescue.

Hence why we launched our recent Save Gmail Attachments challenge.  The motto?  "No attachment left behind..."  The mission? "Create a Google Chrome Extension or Gadget that allows a user to save attachments for multiple emails in their Gmail inbox to a local directory."

And now it's time to announce the winners.

PaulKolbovich hauled in second place with his entry.  Paul used a google gadget to place an actual "attachments" button on the gmail UI that donwloaded the files - slick:

akkishore rescued first place with a google chrome extension that selected the messages and then used heroku to actually save the attachments.  Gotta love the use of heroku here:

Congrats to both of these winners heros!

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