Friday, December 2, 2011

Cloning Made Easy with jQuery!

Who loves cloning records in We do! However, there's one pesky little problem ... the cloning process doesn't always bring over related records. We decided to run a challenge to clone a record, bring over related items and easily drag and drop records to add them to the list of related items.

So the results of our Clone & Configure Salesforce Records with jQuery challenge can be announced with the appropriate fanfare. It seems that everyone loves jQuery as we had 18 registrants and 5 high-quality submissions to choose from.

In the end, our judges awarded first place ($2000) to avinava and second place ($1000) to jordanbaucke.  Both first time competitors! Congrats!

1st Place

Video submission

2nd Place

Video submission

1 comment:

  1. Congrats guys. I was pretty sure I had that one in the bag, but it doesn't look like I'm getting away that easily anymore! Nice work.