Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Cloud Foundry - Office Relocator App Winners

We're overdue to announce the results of our most recent Cloud Foundry challenge - the Office Relocator App, but it was such a fun challenge that we just couldn't let this one slip by without calling it out.

This challenge revolved around the following hypothetical situation:

"A company is deciding to move offices. Build a web application on Cloud Foundry allowing a user to enter the potential new address for corporate headquarters. The app will then display a Google map with a pinpoint for the new office and pinpoints for each employee. The employee information will be retrieved from a flat file stored with your application. The file is located in the assets on the right hand side of this page. Additionally the app will display a grid of all the employees, their distance of the commute and the difference between the new location and the old location."

Here are a few of the winning submissions - congrats to all the winners on this one!

ckeene came in first place with his app, "commutewave":

akkishore placed second with his entry, "officereloc":

Congrats to romin, sgurumurthy, and prashanthreddy who all also placed second in this challenge!

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