Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Mail Merge for Google Docs and Salesforce.com

Google and salesforce.com are a match made in heaven. Who doesn't love the convenience of working in the cloud? However, there are still some processes that are just not "cloudy" yet. Once of them is doing mail merges. We've been trying for a couple of months now (this is our third try) to get a valid submission for our Cloud Merge for Google Docs challenge. We really wanted to build this!

The challenge was to build a mail merge feature from salesforce.com to Google Docs that would allow an administrator to set up document templates containing merge fields to populate salesforce.com data into a Google Doc. 

We finally found someone that wanted to accept the challenge and we can declare "victory"... for now. Elukaweski submitted the winning entry which we'll probably use as a base for future challenges to enhance the functionality. This was elukaweski's first win so he takes home double the $2000 prize money for the challenge! Congrats!

Check out the video that elukaweski submitted with his code.

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