Thursday, December 8, 2011

Our Newest Challenge Sponsor: FullContact

Ladies and gentlemen, we couldn't be happier to announce our latest CloudSpokes sponsor to join the ranks: FullContact!  FullContact is the API for keeping contact information current.  Bart and Robbie and the rest of the crew over in Colorado are simply fantastic.

To kick off their first CloudSpokes challenge, the team has decided to see if the community can put together a FullContact Chrome Browser Extension for Salesforce.

This extension will allow Salesforce users to augment their Lead and Contact record pages with information from the FullContact API. The extension will extract the contact information of the current contact from the Lead page or Contact page, including email address, phone numbers, name, title and company name, and pass this data to the FullContact API, and populate a new region of the page with the FullContact response data.

Register for the challenge here, and stay tuned for more from the FullContact team!

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