Thursday, December 8, 2011

Schedule & Email Salesforce Reports with Ease

He makes it look soo easy!
This guy is a top-notch admin and his life is a blast. He makes everything that he does look easy. Implementing security... easy. Rolling out new features to end-users... easy. Automating processes... easy.

However, life isn't so great when it comes to scheduling and emailing reports. It's not so easy to automate the process of sending reports to recipients outside of your org on a scheduled basis. We wanted to help this guy because we really like him and want to make his life easier.

So we spun up the Salesforce Auto Report Runner challenge with this guy in mind. Luckily andymahood likes this guy as well and came to his rescue with an awesome solution to make this guy's life easy. Check out his video below or in full screen here for details.


1st Place - Salesforce Auto Report Runner challenge
Prize: $1200
First time winner bonus: $1200 (double the prize money)

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