Tuesday, December 20, 2011

We are live!

Like Number 5, CloudSpokes is alive and running on Heroku and Database.com.  It has been a great experience rebuilding CloudSpokes with the entire community.  If you have ANY issues please report them to support@cloudspokes.com.  Most of the site is the same as the original site, but there are a few minor enhancements especially in the account section.  You are now able to track your payments and how you'd like to get paid.

The new site is going to allow us to respond your requests and suggestions much faster than before. We are really exciting about the new platform and what it means.  We are targeting monthly releases and you'll be seeing the release notes published to the CloudSpokes website.  More on this to come soon!

We couldn't have gotten the site redesigned without the community!  Specifically, I'd like to thank these members for contributing code used in our new website in no particular order:

Some other cool stats:
  • 8 countries participated in the rewrite.
  • The site was built using 22 different challenges!


  1. Great to be a part of community development. Have really learned a lot and enjoyed the time spent on Cloudspokes challenges. Thanks Appirio & Cloudspokes!