Thursday, January 5, 2012

Here it is! An FTP Service for Google App Engine

FTPing files using Google App Engine is not the easiest thing to do given some of the platform's restrictions. Socket connections are not available and you must use URL fetch instead. We want to come up with the best way to accomplish the task of uploading and downloading files with App Engine.

Here's the use case for our challenge. Let's say you have an App Engine application that generates an XML, text, or PDF files, based on Datasource inputs. The challenge is to send this file to an FTP server. Also, the FTP server on occasion has files that the application needs to pull down and store in Google's.

Luckily wcheung hates martians and reindeer enough (you gotta watch his video!!) that he came up with a solution for our FTP with Google App Engine challenge.

His entry writes items into Big Table and then uses an FTP proxy that he wrote on Heroku to send files to an FTP server. He also uses the FTP proxy to download files from the FTP site into Big Table. Really cool solution! Congrats to wcheung!

Check out his submission video. Not only is it informative but its highly entertaining as well.
Place: 1
Money: $750

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  1. I have a question my goal is to store files as a blob's entries in google big table and then to be able to download all files using FTP server what is the best approch which cost as less as possiable ?