Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Offline Mobile Account Maintenance with jQuery Mobile & Google App Engine

Mobile apps are awesome but what about those times when you don't have service? We wanted to build n CRM app that works seamlessly no matter if you are online or not.

Once again akkishore delivers big for our Offline Mobile Account Maintenance with jQuery Mobile challenge. The task was to build an offline-capable, mobile HTML5 application that provides for Account and Contact management. The application would utilize jQuery Mobile to provide a native iPad / tablet look and feel in a browser. The offline capabilities needed to leverage “local storage” within the browser, and include the marshaling of data between the application and a datastore.

Akkishore used Google App Engine for his back and his video shows some really cool functionality. To the end user, they never really know (or care) of they are currently online or not. The application still works the same. Great job!!
Place: 1
Money: $2000

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